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Soho Create: Mike Figgis & Jake Chapman in conversation

  • French Protestant Church 8-9 Soho Square London, W1D 3QD United Kingdom (map)

During a week of talks, chats, drinks, performance and discussions with 100 of the country’s top creatives, Mike Figgis, director, composer, writer, musician, and photographer, is in conversation with uncompromising Turner Prize nominee artist, Jake Chapman for SohoCreate, moderated by Dea Vanagan.

Both men are artists because art is what they do. They are both successful but both would spit at being called popular. Chapman said his work with his brother is “tortuously academic in terms of its intensity, its labour, its manufacture, its conceptualisation”. Talking about cinema, Mike Figgis said, “you become fascinated about how dark you can go and still see something.” The process comes first and then the finished work, both men have worked on their own and with large teams of dozens of people. So what is their process, where do they start? What layers do they have to peel away to get to the beginning of something, and to what extent does the process they use and the techniques they apply dictate where they get to in the end?

SohoCreate champions creative people, the risks they take, the dreams they have and the journeys they are prepared to endure in order to be creative. Be part of a discussion about the art and the graft of modern creativity. No short cuts, no hype, just fantastically creative people talking about what they do and why they do it. 

Book your tickets now and come and join us in the world’s most creative square mile.

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